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Excellent Papers of ISPEMI2018

2018-08-25 11:58:50

List of Excellent Papers 

1. Dielectric micro-sphere measurement using whispering gallery mode resonances

Masaki Michihata

2. Optical fiber sensing techniques and its applications

Lianqing Zhu, Wen Zhang

3. A brief introduction of nano-indentation and it’s application in small-scale mechanical testing

Xiaodong Hou

4. Displacement laser interferometry with sub-nm or deep sub-nm accuracy

Pengcheng Hu, Haijin Fu, Hongxing Yang, Ruitao Yang, Jiubin Tan

5. Absolute distance measurement using synthetic wavelength interferometry of optical frequency combs

Guanhao Wu, Lei Liao

6. Misalignment recognition of mass pan in joule balance

Yang Bai, Yunfeng Lu, Zhengkun Li, Dawei Wang, Qing He, Zhonghua Zhang

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